A Wish Like No Other, Forever True, Forever Valentine!

A wish for you, for us.

A wish today, to celebrate you, to celebrate us.

Valentine’s Day it is, just another day for me,

Oh!, its actually, just like the day before for me.

And I write this ode for you today, to tell you again and this time singing …

How much you mean to me and my life on this very earth.

We bicker at silly issues,

We laugh at those midnight family dramas,

We argue on how to deal with the LO’s tantrums,

We sometimes never settle on a thought.

And I write this ode for you today, to tell you again and this time singing …

How much you mean to me and my life on this very earth.

You have stood by me whilst I have wandered,

You have supported me in my high-end dreams,

You cherish my goals and let me be.

I only pray to God, that you always be there for me, never doubt me.

And I write this ode for you today, to tell you again and this time singing …

How much you mean to me and my life on this very earth.

We are not perfect,

We dont think the same,

Maybe thats why we are so “perfect”

Maybe thats why I adore “you”

Maybe thats why my life “completes” with you

Maybe thats why my life with you, is this amazing game of Chess!

You keep me going, I feel nurtured and challenged.

I promise to keep contributing my fair share …

O dear, O Valentine, today, all my good wishes are for you, for us.

And I write this ode for you today, to tell you again and this time singing …

How much you mean to me and my life on this very earth.


Life Happens Only Once …

The emotions in life surround you with pain, love and attachments. Being alive every moment, sucking in this breath, re-living the secret of life gives me a surreal feeling of how naked i am in front of this world. Wish I could be in the literal sense and immerse in the power of no-boundaries, no judgement, no hesitation and no war. I clothe myself to hide me from this cruelty, the hatred and friction that exists between men.

Life is but lived once, second birth is unknown. Why the curtains then?

People are the shining stars of this world we live in. Why are we faced away from each other?

Gazing into nowhere, taking a deep breath and smiling inward to my self, i am glad i am pristine. I embrace every moment in my life. I feel lucky to feel this way.

But i feel sad a bit, for those that have shrugged their shoulders and frowned away. Bitter is the thought and unfortunate is the ending, is it an end?, really?

Readย this poem in Urdu for an essence of Life, that which happens to one, Only Once!

Ik baat honton tak hai jo aayi nahin

Bas ankhon say hai jhaankti

Tumse kabhi, mujhse kabhi Kuch lafz hain woh maangti

Jinko pehanke honton tak aa jaaye woh โ€ฆ

Aawaaz ki baahon mein baahein daalke ithlaye woh

Lekin jo yeh ik baat hai Ahsas hi ahsas hai

Khushboo si hai jaise hawa mein tairti

Khushboo jo be-aawaaz hai Jiska pata tumko bhi hai

Jiski khabar mujhko bhi hai

Duniya se bhi chupta nahin

Yeh jaane kaisa raaz hai


It is What IT IS …

Senorita, O Senorita

Where is the wind?

Where is the light?

Where is life?

There… there, it goes, with you

Your breath, your spark, your eyes

It reminds me of what desire is

It reminds me of what love is

It is what it is.

Life is a conundrum

Sometimes I am happy, sometimes confused

Sometimes I skip a heart beat, so much is the excitement.

And sometimes time stands still.

My memories I cherish, and I cant write enough,

I am not a poet, but poetry enthralls me.

As the days, turn into weeks, into months and into years

I meet and greet, society takes a 360 degree turn,

I am still where I was ..

Seeing the distant spark, remembering those eyes

Reminiscing those silly remarks and funny points.

You and I are now far-out travellers.

Senorita, O Senorita.

It is What IT IS!

People and Success : Ties and Knots

People like Success. I have come to believe that.

I also have come to believe that Success likes people too. It definitely feels good to hear and read of successful people and their successful endeavors. We rarely hear about successful animals, birds or any such things; not that i have anything against them but it just does not entertain.

Baking this thought of people and their successes, i recently read this article that I would like to share with my readers.

Hope it brings you some insight into how success could be met, how lifestyle could be yours instead of being dictated by society. There are many other virtues that you could possibly learn from this article if you are open to change and to listen and read all the content.


Hope to hear your comments.

Happy Reading.

Celebrating Spring with Glamor Niche.

Yes, its early March. Spring is just around the corner. Although i feel the occasional draft of the cool breeze and the shiver down my spine that the end of Winter brings, i cannot stop glowing with the thought of fresh flowers, blossoming essences, pretty sweeps of lilacs and mauves, peaches and cremes.

Glamor Niche brings you yet another shopping extravaganza at a town near you. On Mar 30 in Fremont, come celebrate the onset of Spring and get a leap start in adorning your closet with lace, crochet, maxi dresses, tie-dye scarfs, ruffled tops and much more. The collection spans day wear as well as evening wear, adornments as well as accessories.

To get acquainted with Glamor Niche and its glory, befriend my “Glamor Niche” facebook profile.
To receive invitiation to the event(s), please join the “Glamor Niche” facebook group.

Glamor Niche collection has received rave reviews from all its clients through all its past events, hence the passion to “spring” back in just a months’ time with a nuance that is new, spell-bound and exclusive designer-wear.
I promise you will not only have a great time amidst all the chatter, fun and entertainment that the host has graciously setup for you, but you will have a terrific time utilising your shopping talent!

So, bring that “Diva” in you, with you, on March 30th in Fremont. An amazing party awaits you.

P.S. Like this post, to show your appreciation towards Glamor Niche. It means a lot to a budding entrepreneur like me!

Shimmering Rhythm: CityLights Ball

This past weekend, I danced the BRONZE heats and multi-dance events at CityLights Ball, World Dancesport Championship in San Jose, CA. I had 1 1st placement, 3 2nd placements and 2 3rd placements in terms of awards. I was dancing Pro-Am with my teacher. It was an achievement for me, to step back in the competitions arena, with the last competition being in March 2011 that i had participated in. The adrenaline to step on that dance floor and cha-cha, rumba, mambo and swing my way out, was enamouring. I have decided to make this my year to reach the SILVER category. Thereafter, its just a year or two to reach GOLD and then compete on the PROFESSIONAL circuit. I am eager to see how this life turns out and supports these plans. As far as the zeal goes, I have plenty. All I need is the consistency in my abilities to improve and excel and the continuity of that rhythm to sustain the changing heat in this life.

Here is my youtube video of the Multi=Dance Cha cha, rumba, swing Bronze event, dancing with teacher, tagged #142.

Here is my youtube video of the Intermediate Bronze Mambo heat, dancing with teacher, tagged #142.

If you like my performances, like this post. Your likes will aid in a definite encouragement for me towards my goals.

I believe, the end to life’s goals is always an out-of-sight thought for a curious mind, and its this path of essential fulfillments and achievements full of satisfactions that pushes that end more out of sight!

The New Year Charm – Glamorama January Collection

A splendid 2011 has passed. A lot was achieved and the list of achievements still stays long and strong. As I embark in this new year, my business spirits are getting stronger and scaling new heights, as I aim to bring much more than fashion to my clients. I had two successful private events in September and December last year where I showcased designer clothing and accessories (not available in stores) at 50 to 60% off their original price. The collection varied depending on the time of the year and the need of the hour. I have heard very strong positives regarding my private (by invitation only) showcases and I am determined to take those positives and implement the feedback in the new year.

Why am I different?
The reason I and my business is different is because i am aiming to dress up each individual to a flavor she is comfortable with or hasn’t involved with before. Most times, we do not pursue goals that do not seem easily achievable or outside our comfort zones. I will be your aid, I will shop for you, I will bring you fashion in a sense that stirs your heart and soul but not necessarily your purse. I will show you how you can arrange and manage your closet so that one unique item can be used in several different ways. You do not need 10 pieces of clothing from a mall or a clothing store, you probably just need 3-4 essential items. Thereafter you can luxuriously spend the rest of the money on uniquely styled designer items that you either have never seen in stores or have shy-ed away from because the online price was way out of your budget. I will provide you the imagination to outgrow your boundaries of clothing and discovering the different aspects of your personality, always hiding under that one layer of typical clothing.

If you find me and my business interesting, come check out my January collection. For a sneak preview into the collection, drop me a line on my blog or send me a message at my “Glamor Niche” Facebook account. I will be showcasing the collection, with food and drinks, perhaps with one or 2 models, in Fremont, CA on Jan 27th between 7 pm and 9 pm PST.

Whats cooking?
Besides the private event in January, please feel free to be-friend my business profile on facebook called “Glamor Niche”. You will get to know more about me, my credits and my overall profile.
In addition, there is a private facebook group called “Glamor Niche”. It is a closed group, by invitation only. If any of you like my work or me ๐Ÿ™‚ and would like to be a member of the group, then you would need to let me know and I will add them you in. All of the clients who have purchased from me in the recent past, are eagerly waiting to pen down their reviews and their experiences during my “Glamorama” event. The facebook group Wall will be beneficial in that regard. Any new member who has questions on the functioning of Glamor Niche, and if such questions might benefit the other members, is encouraged to post it in the Wall as well.

How you can help?
You can help me by attending my events and helping you in return, in exploring and enjoying a different dimension in your personality, or even enhancing it.
You can help me by liking this blog post and liking my facebook page.
You can help by suggesting any particular styles, material or designers you are interested in and I promise to bring you that and better.

Lastly, I am pretty sure, socializing with 10-20 other pals (fashion-istas or aspiring ones) and/or strangers will leverage your interests and boost your networking arena.
Hope to see you there.

Petty but pretty nostalgic!

Everytime I visit this city, Mumbai, it feels the same, looks like the same queen albeit adorned with a new necklace or a pretty darn makeover. It doesnot seem to age at all. Its as if time never passed by. All the memories of childhood and the beeming teens, return with the same charm that i cherished during the times when that time was present and when those events happened.
The nostalgia attached to these trivial events has always been a mystery to me and more mysterious is the feeling of this attachment staying strong with each passing year, and not aging with time.
Mumbai, no matter how much i complain of the polluted air, the traffucked highways, the trash on the streets and the growing poverty, you are still my bestest!
Some petty but pretty nostalgic unforgettable memories are –

I) The corner book-store that sold magazines and kadambaris and diwali ankas (pardon my marathi usage, friends, the essence of vileparle, the town where i live, doesnt mean the same if i translate the local lingo to english terms). These not-so-well bound and not so glossy paper magazines just gave enough meat to the times i was growing up, to know what was around, what was deemed to be dignified and what was not.
II) The corner cobbler shop that i frequented often to repair the heels of my favorite sandals or the eye of my favorite slide. The BATA shoe shop was the only popular shop then and everlasting shoes housed in there. Needless to say, they were never my taste but there was little say i could exercise since i wasnt the penny-earner. In addition, those were the times when I could envision maximum one or two pair of shoes. Of course, these needed to last for as long as time immemorial or until the time they didnt serve the purpose of being shoes or i outgrew them, and that is how BATA had grown to be the household name. Now back to the cobbler shop. I do not remember how and why i was friends with that cobbler and now when i pass his shop and peek out from the auto rickshaw, trying to spot him, I see the same shop, perched at the corner alley or rather the covered gutter but not surprisingly, the owner has changed. Maybe he passed on his skill to his clan? I am just glad the shop still exists, for my memory to stay fresh and linger on.
III) The thatched roofed vada pav stall and its mouthwatering aroma is something i will never forget. The stall was always crowded, surrounded by people waiting their turn to dig into those mouth watering burgers. I remember overlooking the cleanliness of the pot that housed the over-boiled oil for its umpteenth time, the batter smeared hands never washed or wiped with a not so clean wash-cloth ever so often, most of all, the delicious yellow potato dumplings full to the brim in that pot.
IV) The sweet mart that always was successful in alluring me with its verkha covered multi-colored sweet balls, mithai, kaju katli and well-lit glass shelves. These deep-fried foodies, then, didnt tickle any of my “weight-watchers” conscience i have grown to embrace today.
V) The “ladies” tailor shop that indicated a NO-GO sign during Diwali season. I still have no clue how the poor tailor perched on his chair, taking down the measurements of those 20-30 odd clamoring women, stayed calm through the bickering, ranting and just the presence of 20 women talking at the same time! He still had the best kaarigar, the best designs and the best service and no wonder even now when i visit my mom’s house, i prefer to spend time at his shop waiting my turn, than, find someone new!
VI) The nook where the boys used to hang a.k.a. the adda! Nothing more i could say then, i was bashful, the batting of eyes and the glow on the cheeks as we girls based that nook, had its own story to tell. Till today, the adda is the same,the faces have changed.
VII) The ice-cream shopee selling chickoo milkshake and sitaphal icecream, no other place have i tasted those flavors. Everytime i visit mumbai, i make a trip to this shopee.
VIII) The road-side jeera goli seller cart, that helped me fill up my pinafore pockets during school recess time. My all-time favorite savory, sweet munchies that i still buy jars full of. Thankfully, they are available everywhere.
IX) The shaven ice truck a.k.a GOLAA! Yumm!!!! An all year round completely inexpensive, tasty icey, the vendor used to shout GOLAAA trucking his cart in our lane. That was just enough for us to run down, paying 50 paisa – 75 paisa, asking for a new or favorite flavor everyday and spending 10-15 minutes sipping and stroking the ice, until none was left, and then feeling proud as to who got the most-colored lips and tongue.
X) The favorite hangout in front of the Ram Temple! To pray, to say thankyou every evening to ganpati bappa and the other idols in the temple was a mere reason to get channa-mungfali from the shop across the road, and to sit in the verandah of the temple and engage in bird-watching!
XI) Finally, the charm of the auto-rickshaw, this open-sided 3 wheeler, is like a partially covered, 3 seater scooter that could play your favorite bollywood songs, sometimes blasting JHANKAR beats and Bappi-da tunes while driving you to your destination! The young romantics prefer the coziness of this mean of public transport while enjoying their favorite mithun-da and govinda and shahrukh numbers.

Mumbai .. I live you, one day at a time. I wish to continue to drink you through my memories, and through my frequent visits to my mother-land.
To my favorite city, I sing, “Woh kal bhi saath saathi thi, woh aaj bhi kareeb hai.”
You will always stay close to my heart.

December Trunk Show – The Holiday Charm!

As I embark on this adventure of bringing in the best to my fashionista friends, please check below on details of the December Trunk show and get yourself acquainted with whats coming…

To all my dear friends, colleagues and well-wishers:
I am very excited preparing for the trunk showcase on Dec 9th. To ring in the holiday cheer and jingle the shopping bells well ahead of the busy and crowded shopping lanes, let us all get together, rejoice and make merry amongst some great company, socialize, lighten up the spirits with some wine and cheese and indulge in shopping for all us, our friends and more.

To add in a more spice and sweetness to this merry basket of fun, I will be adding in great items of girls clothing wearing sizes 5 to 6x. I am sure that many of you will find immense pleasure shopping for your dolls.
Of course, as much as i love dressing up the little dudettes, i would like to do something special for the little dudes as well. Do let me know if the charming prince-dudes of yours, need their shopping basket filled up as well, and I promise to make their mommies happy as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

There will also be a table setting for accessories. Now doesn’t that complete the ensemble, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

To sum it all, all you gorgeous ladies get a chance to pamper yourself with great designer-wear fashions of fall and winter trends, holiday shopping for your little ones and accessorizing your loot.

My dear friend, Ruchika will be charming hostess of this fun-filled shopping extravaganza. She will be hosting it at her house, conveniently located in Sunnyvale, off Lawrence, not very far from El Camino Real. She is very much looking forward to entertaining you all at her humble abode!

Hoping you all can make it and take advantage of this awesome opportunity to shop amidst great company and heart-warming food and drinks.

Glimpse of the collection can be found here:

Here is my evite link:

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Drop me a line if you would like to take a peek into my previous trunk show collection.
Please spread the word to your friends, since you all will agree with, “More is always Merrier”.

Best and Peace, Nishi.

If you like my work, my collection and support my steps in this direction to help my friends, do drop me a line or like this post.

A passion for the wardrobe!

Ever since I knew that I could venture in the fashion industry, I have loved every single moment of being in it. Being chic, being fashionable, having a sense of appropriateness and style has always been a nerve racking challenge for me even though, i, not boasting, am quite good at it (and i, must say, I have references to offer as well). This challenge has pushed me in prodding into this arena time and again, and today, I stand, with this business proposal.
I do not proclaim me to be all-knowing of this industry, but I am well aware of its most current trends, delights and pleasures and I listen to my peers. In a way, I am always on my heels, always riding the favorite and most sought-out horse at the derby! Some say, this is a winner’s log!

Few days ago, I evite-d friends and colleagues to a Trunk Show at “mi casa”. It was the first step to know if i had understood the needs and aspirations of the few I sought out, to look at what i had to offer, my “pizza-slice” view of fashion, and if i have even come close to clearly reading the people i am surrounded by. Needless to say, it was a success! *Blush*

All the folks who came out to the show and purchased the items, went home glamorized in their own true way.
‘Glamorama’ is what i called it. Then, if that, in the future turns into “Nishi’s Niche” .. so be it ๐Ÿ™‚ But that is still a long way to go.

My show attendees loved my trunk, they asked for more, they almost placed their orders for the next event, subtly, a sign, that i have stepped in the right direction.
What I love to do the most, is to help whoever needs help! In this case, my help will be carried out by listening to my clients’ moans, groans and peppy tunes, studying the characteristics, scaling out their existing wardrobe to maybe an unknown, unseen level, but still be-fitting their personality.
I feel humans have the strangest ways of telling what and how they feel and think; in the way, they talk (obviously), in the way their body talks (body language), in they way their facial expressions make 365 different signs and ultimately, what they drape themselves in. All of these ways together help me study my client and its more than a pleasure for me to know and accordingly serve his or her needs.

I have embarked on this new path and the appalling success of the small, first step has given me the right signs; to take the next one. The next step, will, definitely be covering a larger dimension and I promise that my motivation and love for this trade will help in adding a lot of quality, and affordable style to everyone’s wardrobe.

I truly believe, whatever you possess, material or not, should be something you can embrace and hold dear for a long time. It eventually becomes a substantial and loving part of your journey in this life. If it does not last for more than six months, if it does not please your senses for more than six months, then, it was never meant to be yours. Same as in human relationships, although i, personally would not make the mistake of waiting that long to size that!

So, my quest, is help my client to identify, leverage and ornate (in a way that brings out the true self) his or her identity via his or her wardrobe. A wardrobe that would, hopefully, single you out from the crowd, in its own simple and elegant, or bombastic and bold, or sexy and flamboyant manner, then, whatever is your taste, whatever that defines you.

I am here, to bring out the “you” in “you”. All of us are successful in this life, doing what we do, being who we are. The wardrobe, is a mere expression that adorns the “you” with just the right jewels. Each one of us yearns to “stand out”. We either know it and act on it or we know it and discard it as been too self-involved. Even the most intelligent and not so fashion conscious would hope to make their presence felt in a crowd of 100 or 1000 before they utter their first word that would then, end up revolutionizing the world!
The wardrobe, in this case, is a mere an extension (but not just superficial) of your own thoughts that is able to step out and extend from within your inside and glorify your self-esteem and proclaim you and your precious pearls of wisdom to this world.

I want to help. I believe each one of us today is conscious of our inner wisdom, our skills and strengths, and also realize that these need to presented well , not just for a return value but largely for your own personal satisfaction.
Most times, our smartness and intelligence drives our personalities to start conveying messages without us formal verbal introductions, with the help of the right attire.
We all are educated enough to make these choices and decision ourselves of what suits us, what is charming; wouldnt you like it if there was “me”, who would take this decision making off your plate and still leave you very fulfilled and satisfied ? I want to help you step your day to day life, up a notch. I love to help. I love to dress up, me and you.

If you would like to participate/attend/help with my next Trunk show, or if you just like my attitude, drop me a line or “like” this post. I showcase my trunk in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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